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Wovibo Thermal Paste WB-4 WB 4 4g 17 W /m-k

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Weight(N.W): 4g (as the picture)

Type: Conductive Heatsink Plaster

Thermal conductivity: 17 W/m-k

Package: Yes

Noise: Thermal Paste

Model Number: WB-4 Thermal Paste

Heatsink Material: Thermal Paste

Fan Size: Thermal Paste

Compatible CPU: Intel/AMD

Color: gray

Certification: CE

Brand Name: Wovibo

Application: Processor


Product introduction:

1.WB-4 high-performance silicone grease is a high-performance silicone grease jointly developed by WOVIBO and HY.

2.The thermal conductivity of 17W is better than other brands of thermal grease.

3.4g capacity. Can be used multiple times.

4.The use time is more than 5 years. It is the best choice with high temperature equipment and high-end CPU cooler.



1.Low Temrmal Impendance,Keep grease condition with long time

2.With a wide range working tempreture, keep stable performance at tempreture -30~250

3.High performance , saving your cost

4.Lower the temperature. Let the computer speed up.

5.The effect time is more than 3 years.


Package Included:

1 x Thermal paste

1 x Scraper



Thermal Conductivity:17W/m-K

Net weight:4g

Color : Grey

Thermal Conductivity : >17W/m-K

Thermal Impedance : <0.0012℃-in2/W

Dielectric Constant:5.1

Operation Temperture :250~350℃


Silicone Compounds:18%

Carbon Compounds:22%

Metal Oxide Compounds:60%



Computer CPU , VGA , High efficiency LED , Electrinic equipment

High Thermal Demand Moudle

Cooling device to the end plate or between the frame

High speed and large storage Drive

Automotive Engine control

Hard disk drive and DVD drive

Power conversion apparatus

High Power LED

Notebook and desktop computers

Network Communicaion Equipment

Household appliances, electronic components, electrical


Wovibo Thermal Paste WB-4 WB 4 4g 17 W /m-kWovibo Thermal Paste WB-4 WB 4 4g 17 W /m-kWovibo Thermal Paste WB-4 WB 4 4g 17 W /m-kWovibo Thermal Paste WB-4 WB 4 4g 17 W /m-kWovibo Thermal Paste WB-4 WB 4 4g 17 W /m-kWovibo Thermal Paste WB-4 WB 4 4g 17 W /m-kWovibo Thermal Paste WB-4 WB 4 4g 17 W /m-k